The Oliquin Chronicles

On this page, you’ll find links and information to The Oliquin Chronicles books and stories already published, novels in the works, and even a few still in their early incubation stage.

Oath of the Cortek... Book 1 - The Coup and The Muse.

Three strangers form a wary alliance in this tale of adventure, political intrigue, and romance from the world of Oliquin…

  • APRI – Always a bit of a rebel, she just wanted to get to the school her parents forbid her attend all those years ago. But thanks to that esh, Jase, she’s locked up with no way out and her friend’s in trouble. 
  • JON – Out to avenge the misdeeds of his former best friend, he’s more likely to be captured and killed for the bounty on his ‘head.  And now he’s got to babysit this drunk kid?  
  • ZAK – Returning to his hometown to find out who killed his family and ruined his life, all he finds is the local pub. And another pint of ale. Then, in walks this fobmucking ex-squader who says he can help. 

Together, they set out to achieve their respective, but unexpectedly entwined goals. 

A Village In Space... A Novella

Emma lost her husband, Walter, in a freak hovercraft accident a few short days before they were scheduled to embark on the journey of a lifetime. At his bedside in the hospital before he died, Walter made her promise that she would still go, that she would leave Earth for a distant planet on board the Oliquin Colony spaceship. But Emma is faced with an unexpected dilemma that will make her decision difficult, and put much more at stake than her own, suddenly-empty life.

Sonia's Ambition ... A Short Story

Sonia, the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation on Earth decides to invest in a colonization mission. Available in .pdf format to download for free (1,110 words).

Future Releases

Oath of the Cortek...Book 2 The Virus of Keplyr

A bizarre sickness has been spreading through the colony of Keplyr for decades with no prospects of a cure. When their father falls ill, Jyax and his sister, Yjahna, will stop at nothing to help him recover.

Oath of the Cortek...Book 3 Legacy of the Cortek

As Cortek Headmaster, Apri must consider the consequences of breaking the age-old oath in order to enlighten and educate the citizens of Edyson to enrich the future of the colony.